Quality Policy

Team Electric will be the highest quality provider of electrical installations. We focus on our customers’ needs and expectations while delivering growth to our shareholders. We will not accept the status quo, and we will never be content with our position or results.

In our unwavering commitment to compliance with all relevant requirements, we pledge to continually enhance our quality system by pursuing the following key objectives:

Elevating Employee Satisfaction: We prioritize the well-being and contentment of our workforce, ensuring a motivated and engaged team.

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction: We are dedicated to consistently elevating customer satisfaction levels, delivering exceptional value and service that exceeds expectations.

Fostering Growth: We are determined to nurture ongoing growth, both within our organization and in the opportunities we create for our stakeholders.

Promoting Profitability: Our strategic initiatives aim at optimizing profitability while maintaining ethical business practices.

By adhering to these principles, we are committed to contributing to our industry and community.

Mattias Jörgensen
Chief Executive Officer

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Certified members of ISO 9001