Our values

Living the Brand

At Team Electric, our ultimate objective is to achieve customer satisfaction. As employees of Team Electric, we embrace and exhibit the following attributes that define the Team Electric Brand Personality:


We continuously seek better ways to accomplish tasks, always striving for improvement. Anticipating future needs, we proactively offer alternative solutions, demonstrating our forward-thinking approach.


With a clear vision in mind, we are resolute in our actions. We firmly believe that what we do provides unique benefits for our customers and our company. Our decisiveness, strength, and ability enable us to confidently navigate challenges.


Passion and enthusiasm drive us in our work. We approach each task with energy and excitement, embracing challenges and maintaining a positive attitude. We take pride in our customers, the work we do, our team, and the overall success of our company.

Easy to do Business with

Placing customer satisfaction as our top priority, we strive to make our customers' lives easier. We dedicate ourselves to understanding and translating customer needs into positive experiences. With a sense of urgency, an open-minded approach, and a commitment to simplicity, we ensure seamless interactions.


Honesty and loyalty form the foundation of our interactions. We consistently deliver on our promises and prioritize integrity in all aspects of our work.

By embodying these brand attributes, we strengthen the Team Electric brand, foster lasting customer relationships, and reinforce our commitment to excellence.


Operating principles

The Team Electric Operating Principles are a set of guidelines for our employees to follow when achieving goals.
Results Orientation – We set and achieve clear objectives. We do not allow activity without results. Those who produce results will be rewarded. We will develop, manage and communicate a clear set of key drivers (i.e., metrics which describe the state of the business) in order to orient the company to a focus on results.

Clear Roles and Responsibilities

Employees will understand their roles clearly, without ambiguity. Job descriptions and organization charts will be maintained, and annual appraisals will focus on personal goals as well as an employee’s contribution to corporate goals.


Once we have established clear roles and responsibilities, we will ensure that responsibility comes with proper authority and accountability. We will clearly identify an accountable person to marshal resources to get the job done. This person will work in team settings, but will be the leader responsible for attaining the result desired.


Our customer focus will demand that everything we do will be done with a focus on quality. We will do it once and do it right.
Teamwork – We will work as a team, with a participative management style and frequent two-way communications with employees. While we will define individual accountability, management will be focused on, and largely compensated on, the attainment of corporate-wide goals.

Honesty and Integrity

We will deal with all of our partners, suppliers, employees, customers and any other stakeholder with complete honesty and integrity. We will have open communications and will not tolerate internal politics.


While we will conduct the business with gravity and a serious sense of purpose, we will retain employees and build morale by creating an environment of employee development and a balance between work and life. Hard work will be expected and management will ensure that results are rewarded and celebrated.