A Nepita - Scrubber Installation

The Challenge

Team Electric was engaged by Stena RoRo together with Scanunit to install 2 scrubber Towers delivered by ME Production. The installation took place 2020 in the spring in Piraeus, Greece.

The Results

Team Electric took on the responsibility for the entire electrical installation, which encompassed demolition work, procurement, cabling work, sensor installations, and project management. However, we faced several challenges throughout the process. 
Firstly, the schedule was extremely tight, leaving little room for delays. Additionally, lead times on materials proved to be problematic, causing further setbacks. 
Furthermore, the ongoing pandemic and subsequent lockdown measures impacted our ability to travel and adhere to quarantine rules, further complicating the project.
Nevertheless, despite these challenges, we remained committed to delivering a successful outcome in time and the vessel started operating for the new charter as planned.