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Team Electric is a leading provider of electrical installations within the marine industry. Team Electric can deliver an electrical turn-key concept including planning, design, material and installation for new building or rebuilding projects worldwide.
The company was founded in 2002 and since then we have had a great success within these markets.

In 2009 we moved into air purification technologies by becoming the marine partner of Desinfinator Oy, and with these systems we are serving many cruise shipping companies. Our Executing staff and installers come from many different backgrounds and nationalities, which we believe is one of our strengths, in a very international industry.
Additionally we have built a large network of subcontractors helping us to achieve our objectives. The company turnover for 2010 reached € 4.5 mill., however, our focus has never been on growth, but on building a profitable and long lasting serious business. Our very good customer relationship is a proof of that, as we always see our customers return to us when they have first experienced our professional way of working.